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    łojczykówka 2.0

    łojczykówka 2.0
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    Łojczykówka 2.0

    „Łojczykówka” is the colloquial name of historic villas belonging to the Łojczyk family – family of entrepreneurs who have been investing in Galician region for many years. “2.0” is a term derived from a programming language and it represents a next generation.
    Reconstructing the interwar villa and enlarging it by building a new business establishment (in a form of an orthodontic office), is what is considered a next generation of Lojczykowka. The concept was to highlight the historic villa and to construct 6 x 24 m glass cuboid next to it. The idea was that the orthodontic office is bathed in the surrounding greenery and it does not compete with or overshadow the historic architecture.
    Due to the fact that a Historic buildings conservation officer oversees the villa, its reconstructed exterior refers back to the shape and distinctive details of the primal interwar building. Villa’s interior, however, is completely altered and adjusted to modern standards. A symmetrical living area overlooking the garden is placed on the ground floor. The upper floor is designed as a night zone. The two floors are connected by a highlighted spiral staircase and a hidden elevator. On the northern side of the villa the entrance is extended by a modern body, decorated with Western Red Cedar wood. It functions as a covered terrace, as well. The old outbuilding, located at the backside of the plot, is now converted into a two-car garage and a utility room.


    Location: Mielec
    Category: House with service (Orthodontic clinic)
    Status: Completed
    Client: Private
    Usable area: 600 m2
    Service: Architecture design, Interior design, Desing&Build
    Design: Bartłomiej Cieśla, Tomasz Żelazko

    łojczykówka 2.0

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