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    on spot cosy

    on spot cosy
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    Modern working environments are multifaceted. They fulfil more than purely functional aspects. At the same time, they are oriented towards the needs of the employees. Classic desk-based workplaces are complemented by informal hubs, spacious team workplaces, flexible central zones, and lounge areas.

    The future is comfortable and cosy – just like on spot cosy. Away from standard solutions, the fully upholstered shell chair is the ideal alternative for meeting scenarios and, thanks to its slim design and compact dimensions, also suitable for conference tables.

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    more than just comfortable

    The name “cosy” says it all: it stands for comfortable sitting – even over a longer period of time. As a fully upholstered shell chair, on spot cosy provides a comfortable seating experience combined with ergonomic features. These features include the seat pan, the sloping front edge as well as the high backrest and the integrated lumbar support for the lower back. The open design of the seat shell allows generous freedom of movement to the left and right. This makes it easy to lean back and relax and promotes an upright sitting posture – ideal in conference situations, for example.

    match color and style

    A harmonious working environment contributes significantly to wellbeing and productivity. Well-conceived furnishings, pleasant fabric and material combinations as well as the choice of colour accents are key factors for achieving this goal. Whether Smart Balance, Soft Being, Urban Living or Multi Creation – the club chair can be modified to suit any of these colour worlds.

    from simple to stylish

    Whether for lounge areas or meeting rooms: on spot cosy can be individually fashioned to match its surroundings and meet your personal requirements. There are almost endless possibilities for combination. Not only the outer and inner shell, the seat upholstery, too, can be configured as desired; the solid wood and metal legs are also available in various designs.

    on spot cosy

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