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    Design & build

    zalety formuły opis usługi

    we offer interior design implementation in the design & build formula, in which as one entity we are responsible for several stages of investment - from concept and design to general contracting and turnkey finishing.

    what we do

    Acting in the Design & Build formula, we combine several separate functions
    in our operations: we create concepts, design, budget, pursue the investment
    and implementation process in the field of interior furnishings and we provide
    supervision over their proper course. We are a partner for investors and general contractors. As a partner in fit out projects, we carry out all works related
    to interior finishing - from furnishing with furniture, making and assembling
    furniture to size, to the production and assembly of doors, upholstery elements,
    curtains and other equipment.

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    design & build

    advantages of the design
    & build formula

    The implementation of the project by one entity which also acts as a consultant, a designer, a project manager, a  supplier of furniture and other interior design elements, allows the optimization of investment time and costs, and guarantees the highest quality of implementation. The Design & Build formula also allows greater control of individual design elements, guarantees greater transparency and removes all implementation problems from our clients.

    Design & build

    korzyści dla klienta

    decreasing investment costs

    shortening the lead time

    investment risk reduction

    greater flexibility

    better communication in the project

    implementation in accordance with the project

    one invoice

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