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    This exceptional office chair is the product of the close collaboration between scientists, engineers and designers with the aim of developing a novel seating system which moves in perfect synchronicity with the human body. This aim was achieved using the patented “Similar-Plus” mechanism and an innovative backrest design. The unique functionality also defines the singular aesthetics of this chair, which can be seen in the distinctive crossshaped backrest support structure for which the Sedus crossline models were named.

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    superior seating culture: Sedus crossline prime

    crossline in the form of the crossline prime management armchair represents a high culture of seating. Like a shadow, seat and backrest follow every body movement in absolute harmony. The body is perfectly supported at all times, without being controlled by the technology. Once you get used to this incomparable comfort, you will never want to settle for anything less! When superlative function looks this elegant, seating culture has truly reached a new high.

    simply good posture

    Perfectly engineered, Sedus crossline ensures exceptionally balanced movements, which encourages users to change their sitting position while working.
    Thanks to the patented Similar-Plus mechanism, combined with the individually adjustable opening angle, the backrest maintains constant contact with the back, providing continuous and optimum support. The chair can thus be ideally adapted to the respective activity of the sitter: For still monitor work, for example, the range of movement can be less than for relaxing and leaning back when telephoning, reading or contemplating.

    crossline crossline

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