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    Sedus of course comes into its own wherever strategies are developed, corporate destinies determined and issues for the future decided. Be it at the desk or conference table, focusing on the job or engaged in lively debate. Cutting-edge ergonomics optimally support the body and free the mind for the job at hand.

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    It is not easy to excel. Yet, when achieved, excellence is a source of pleasure.

    High-flyers deserve outstanding ergonomics and comfort. Sedus has been guided by this belief for over 130 years. This philosophy has provided a breeding ground for important innovations time and time again. And yet, the creation of a new office swivel chair to meet the most stringent of demands still presented a unique challenge. A contemporary masterpiece which gave the Sedus product developers and designers free reign to turn their perceptions of quality and comfort, functionality and design into reality.

    Perfection inspires productivity. And pleasure.

    The “independent fit” technology automatically adjusts the curvature of the backrest to the movements of the upper body: When you lean back, the headrest gently curves forward toward the natural position of the shoulder and head. When you sit straight, the technology automatically realigns the chair to support an upright sitting position. The whole body is continually actively supported without you having to do a thing – providing the ideal starting point for taking a relaxed approach to challenging tasks.

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