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    silent rush

    silent rush
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    A modern workstation should radiate not only energy and efficiency but also warmth and an aura of cosiness. silent rush is the answer to these many demands. As a swivel armchair with a high or medium-high backrest or a visitor chair, it catches the eye with its exemplary ergonomics and a design in which one feels fully at home and at ease. For Sedus, this is the contemporary emotional culture of the office – or also simply a place to feel good.

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    when people get down to the nitty-gritty, a good feeling is decisive

    Composure is the formal style of silent rush. With exemplary ergonomics and comfort, the organic shell shape combined with extensive cushioning represents high quality and high standards in terms of homeliness in the modern office world. Details such as the lumbar adjustment feature on the rear of the shell underline the visual elegance also displayed by the smallest functional elements. silent rush shows its feel-good character anywhere, any time and in any situation – whether in conference rooms, lounges or foyers.

    silent rush modern classic: craftsmanship for brain-workers.

    In a world of work that is becoming more and more fast-moving, it is time to take a look inwards. Take your time to sit down. With a hand-made character that can be experienced with all the senses, silent rush engenders a feeling of well-being and calm. Accentuated seams and finely worked deep upholstery as well as exclusive covers such as the aniline leather tanned with olive leaves give this design a look and feel that are unique. An aesthetic pleasure that inspires to new deeds.

    silent rush

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