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    open up

    open up
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    Motivation comes from being able to lean back and relax during a hard working day. Switch off and free up your thoughts – no problem when you have open up in the office. Whenever you need to clear your head. Sitting, standing, lying: this elegant office chair with integrated “Similar” and dorsokinetic mechanisms makes any position possible. Freedom of movement releases the mind. The perfect inspiration for efficient working.

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    open up – The dynamic office revolution.

    Sedus open up has heralded the arrival of the regenerative power nap in the office and, in combination with the unique Work assistant, makes it possible to work sitting down, standing up and lying down. This unusual swivel chair features a reclining angle of up to 45 degrees; a value which, when combined with a dorsokinetically suspended backrest, is achieved by no other chair on the market. The flexible backrest connection ideally supports the back during all rotating and lateral movements.

    Craftsmanship that gets the heart beating faster.

    How can a superb design be improved on even more? The answer: with real craftsmanship. Sedus open up modern classic shows this in a way that can be experienced with all the senses. One example is the soft, full-grain aniline leather with its very special feel. The natural characteristics of the leather are retained and have an especially high-quality look. At the same time, inviting upholstery offers additional comfort that the stepped look of the cushion effectively underlines. Each open up modern classic is made by hand and bears the signature of the Sedus employee who made it. Made in Germany in its perhaps most beautiful form.

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