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    Self-adjusting swivel chair for multi-user workstations. se:flex is a must where multi-user workstations prevail. Then thanks to the intelligent automatic weight system, it is able to adjust automatically to all users. At the same time, the backrest can follow every movement of the user, resulting in maximum freedom of movement and a healthy sitting in all positions.

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    As diverse as its users.

    Freedom of movement designed the way you like it. How much advanced technology se:flex embodies is not visible at first sight. What is obvious, however, are the light, flowing shapes and the dynamic look. se:flex is as clear-cut in terms of its equipment and colour versions. The distinct design makes it fit seamlessly into any modern office environment.

    Lightens the load on your back even with upholstery.

    Comfort for your back with either a mesh membrane or upholstery. se:flex offers all users an ergonomic sitting experience, thanks to the comfortable mesh membrane in the backrest. This experience is further enhanced with the slimline yet soft upholstery which harmonises perfectly with the overall design. What's more, the mesh membrane and slim upholstery are available in a range of attractive colours to allow you to customise your se:flex.

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