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    5th element

    5th element
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    Today there are many ways of working. Together to increase the resources, withdrawn to be more concentrated, meeting to share. Bench, Desking and System of 5th Element offer the proper answer to anyone of this needs completely and perfectly, to get the full optimization of the workplace, respecting the environment.

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    • 4 types of metal legs available in the system;
    • Height adjustable legs for desks and bench (h 62,5-82,5);
    • Asymmetrical bridge legs on service units;
    • Legs high 105 for Team Tables (sitting/standing);
    • Undertop cable tray system;
    • Wire Manager option for central Bench legs;
    • Sliding tops system for undertop cable inspection;
    • Storage system and common elements to service the workstations;
    • 3 types of front panels that can be equipped;
    • Tool bars in extruded aluminium;
    • Top-Access with finishes integrated with the work top;
    • Auxiliary electrification applied with clamps without holes;
    • Equipable carrying partition system;
    • Exposed metal legs and monochrome substructures;
    • 5 colour shades for metal structures;
    • 5 wood finishes and 2 colour shades for tops;
    • 5 wood finishes and 8 colour shades for melamine containers;
    • 4 colour shades for crystal tops;
    • 11 fabric colours for front panels and 3 for partitions;

    designer: Studio Si Design

    "This product meets all the needs of modern work."

    5th element

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